Meet the team!

Here we will introduce you to the committee members of The Lost Plot. However we must at this point mention that while the committee are a hard-working bunch of active members, they are not the only ones. We have many non-committee or ex-committee members who contribute to the garden, and we value them greatly. 

President & Garden management: Graeme Evans

Reason for Involvement: I find gardening combines exercise for the mind and body. I joined The Lost Plot as it is a chance to give to the community but the benefits to me as a human being are enormous. I have always loved to garden and being part of a larger group has been a good learning process. I have made many new friends and expanded my knowledge of gardening.

Favourite Part of the Garden: I love the food forest. This is the newest part of the garden. I have enjoyed the creative process involved in mixing plants together in an holistic way to achieve a self-sustaining food area.

Favourite Tool in the Shed: A huge compost fork does it for me!

Vice-President: Kim Browne

Reason for Involvement: Jeff and I joined up when we moved back to Port Macquarie in 2017. We have our own garden including vegie patch at home, but love the idea of a community garden, love the workshops and the social contact, and are keen to learn as much as we can. It’s also an opportunity to give back.

Favourite Part of the Garden: This is a hard one. I love it all. It’s such a happy place and always feels so alive and welcoming. I love pottering around and doing different tasks in the garden each week. I love the magic compost we produce, and the weed tea, and all the different plants, fruits and vegies, especially the more unusual ones. I also really like getting to know all the great people who hang out at the Lost Plot. It’s lovely to see new people being welcomed in too. Oh, and I do love the pizza oven – especially when Graeme’s cooking up a storm!!

Favourite Tool in the Shed: Again, not sure I have a favourite. But I do think the compost aerating tool is a very clever, simple bit of gear.

public officer: STEVE LoCKHART

Reason for Involvement: I see my roles in the Community Garden as strategic, organisational and networking.
Favourite Part of the Garden: The people who come out to be part of what is happening.
Favourite Tool in the Shed: I love wheelbarrows! Because when my three daughters were little, they would always jump in for a ride on my backloads when working in the garden. Such fond memories!




Secretary: Leonie short

Reason for Involvement: I love gardening and love the idea of community gardens. The community garden's philosophy of sustainable living and community connectedness is so important. I feel is helps us in regaining a balance in our lives from the fast-paced and high-tech world in which we live.

Favourite Part of the Garden: Growing food, learning how to build up soils, making compost, watching plants grow, sharing ideas and a cup of tea in the garden with like minded friendly people.

Favourite Tool in the Shed: hand held hoe......weeding is a great form of meditation

Events Management: CHRIS FLOCKHART

Communications: Stephanie Elsum

Reason for Involvement: I joined the garden when I first moved to Port Macquarie and had a bit of spare time on my hands. I was also keen to meet some new people. I've become more and more involved because I love the garden and the people, and I am so grateful for all the knowledge and skills I have gained to help me in my own garden at home. Now I have a little boy, I often bring him to the garden on a Thursday morning.

Favourite Part of the Garden: The basil plot! It has made for many delicious pestos.

Favourite tool in the shed: I'd have to say the crowbar, or the mattock. I love getting physical in the garden! However now with my little boy, I seem to be using a little trowel and the kids watering cans more than anything else!

Membership administration: Deborah doyle

General Committee: susanne hollis

General Committee: noel bootes

General Committee: lynda parry

general committee: karen mann

Our History....

The Port Macquarie Community Gardens began with the support of Port Macquarie Hastings Council. We also received support from many individuals and local businesses, and we continue to acknowledge these contributors with much grattitude. They were whom allowed us to 'get off the ground' (although we are very much an 'on the ground' organisation'!)

Coming soon to the website will be some before and after photos, in an expanded section on the 'History of The Lost plot'. 

Stay tuned....