Sustainability Made Easy

This year, the hard working committee of The Lost Plot were rewarded with a grant from the NSW Environment Trust, which will in turn reward the community with a series of workshops over the next 18 months. The theme of the workshops is 'Sustainability Made Easy'. See our events page for more details of upcoming events.

The Launch on Saturday the 2nd of April was a huge success! Uncle Bill and Mayor Peter Besseling were present to help our Project manager Denis Juelicher officially introduce the upcoming series of workshops.

Green Dean backed up last year's fabulous Chicken-keeping workshop with an inspiring and educational 'Building a Productive Food Garden' workshop. It was entertaining, engaging, and I am sure all attendees left feeling ready to cultivate the healthiest soil they possibly could. With plenty of mulch!!


Dean is an urban farmer and permaculturist based in Brisbane. He grew up in the Port Macquarie region, and is committed to donating his time and knowledge to inspire more urban farming in his home town. We are extremely grateful for Dean's generosity.