Community gardens are places where people come together to grow fresh fruit and vegetables, meet, learn about gardening and healthy living, and to play. They are places of sharing food, knowledge and skills.

Port Macquarie - Hastings Council has received funding through the NSW Community Builders Program to establish a community garden in the area. 
The community garden has been funded as a project that increases connections between residents, celebrate community and develop and strengthen skills within the community. There is a focus on involving socially and financially disadvantaged people, seniors and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Children are also most welcome.

The garden is managed by Port Macquarie Community Gardens, a not-for-profit community organisation.


Port Macquarie Community Gardens aims to establish and support community gardens. 
They will be places which encourage opportunities for:

  • Sharing knowledge and skills;
  • Building and strengthening community connections;
  • Sustainable gardening with a focus on food;
  • Health and education;
  • Growth and reflection; and
  • Celebration, arts and creativity.

They will be governed by the core values of diversity, inclusiveness, sharing, respect and participation.